We’re as real as the stuff inside our bottles.

Blake Johnson – CEO/President

Fargo, ND

Blake’s background in agricultural and biosystems engineering – and his entrepreneurial spirit – led him to start raising aronia berries recreationally in North Dakota. After a few years raising hearty aronia bushes, he started looking for ways to bring the unique, healthy berries to the people. Blake’s father, a doctor, suggested a healthy, quality aronia-based beverage made with natural ingredients. This was right about the time Blake ran into his friend and future ax-water COO, Wade Gronwold, at the gym. Wade also suggested an antioxidant drink. Two different people. One refreshing suggestion. With that, Blake and Wade got to work on ax-water. You can’t put lightning in a bottle, but aronia berry is surely the next best thing. (And lightning-infused water tastes pretty bad.)

Wade Gronwold – COO/Vice President

Fargo, ND

A business-oriented go-getter and fitness junkie, Wade joined the team when he realized the value ax-water could bring to the fitness community. Wade played college football, and a fierce competitive streak remains today. His love of a challenge (and desire to win) led him to make his mark in the beverage industry – a business where many try and few succeed. A passionate trainer of athletes for 17 years, Wade is all about helping others be their best.

Dave Morinville – Vice President of Sales

Moorhead, MN

Dave Morinville is a Minnesota native who has worked with athletes his entire life. From being a professional NHL scout to coaching at all levels. Dave is a sales and relationship machine who attacks the market like he’s on a power play.

Jim Johnson – Chief Medical Officer

Fargo, ND

Dr. Johnson is vital to the ax-water team. And that’s not just because he can pronounce the big words that we can’t. He is also a sports-medicine specialist and former college football team physician. At ax-water, Dr. Johnson serves as our resident expert on the body and the authority on what antioxidants can do for people.

Pat McShane – Board Member, Financial Advisor

Fargo, ND

Whether you call him Mr. McShane or Mr. Numbers, Pat has a degree in accounting, and he’s also a bank president. When he and our engineer get to talking, the conversations might get a little dry, which makes his role in our beverage company seem all the more appropriate. We’re glad he’s here to help us keep the company lights on.

Brady Nash – Board Member, Sales Strategist

Fargo, ND

Brady Nash is a business owner, and his company is one of Inc. Magazine’s America’s Fastest-Growing Companies. A serial entrepreneur, Brady is a veritable fountain of knowledge for managing a company through its ups and downs. Until he starts avoiding our calls, we corner him and pick his brain on many aspects of our growing business.

Greg Nelson – Board Member

Arthur, ND

Greg was the third guy to board the ax-water train. The definition of the Midwest mindset, Greg is honest and down to earth, and he can grow just about anything. He proves elusive in the summer when he is busy farming, but we don’t mind. He is one of our local aronia berry growers.

Garry Suprovich – Board Member

Vancouver, BC. Canada

Garry hails from Canada, our neighbor to the north, and he doesn’t seem to get irritated with us, no matter how many times we say “eh.” Garry recently dipped his toe into retirement and decided that toe was too idle. We gladly welcomed him, toe and all, to help steer ax-water toward the success his other companies have enjoyed. He assists ax-water as a valued member of our advisory body for company decisions.